Advance Electrolysis

Available in our Wells beauty salon only.

Advanced Electrolysis is a safe, non-invasive and effective way to remove, reduce and improve common unwanted skin blemishes found on the face and the body. Generally caused by a combination of factors, such as UV damage, ageing and certain health conditions, advanced electrolysis is relatively quick to perform and can offer immediate and lasting results.

What skin imperfections can be treated?

  • Age Spots.
  • Blood Spots (Cherry Angioma).
  • Milia (Milk Spots).
  • Moles.
  • Seberrioheci Keratosis.
  • Skin Tags
  • Sun Spots (Solar Lentigo)
  • Facial Thread Veins.
  • Verruca’s

How does it work?

Advanced Electrolysis uses an electrical current and a very fine needle to either list away or cauterise the superficial epidermis, depending on the type of blemish that is being treated.

Consultation and After Care

A full consultation will be required for any new clients looking to book this treatment. At this time you will be required to complete a health questionnaire, we will access the skin blemish and explain the treatment required and depending on the skin concern, advise how many treatments maybe required. Information on recovery time which can be anything form 7-14 days and aftercare advice will also be provided at this time.


£65 30 mins

£75 45 mins

Follow up appointment

£35 15 mins

This is for the following areas: Face

The following therapists are trained in this treatment:


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