Available in our Bath and Wells beauty salons.

The removal of individual hairs suitable for small areas. For electrolysis to have a long term effect on hair growth, you will need to take a series of treatments. An unique needle is used for each treatment.

15 Minute Session

£22 15 mins

30 Minute Session

£37 30 mins

45 Minute Session

£52 45 mins

60 Minute Session

£68 60 mins

This is for the following areas: Hair Removal

The following therapists are trained in this treatment:

Emma and Jessica

10 Responses to “Electrolysis”

  1. Bethany

    What areas can this treatment be used on and is there a minimum time between the 6 sessions?

    • Kerry

      Thank you for your enquiry. Electrolysis is recommended to treat smaller areas such as the face. It can also treat some other larger areas, however, electrolysis treats each individual hair follicle so it can be a long process. In this instance IPL may be more suitable for you. When having a course of 6 treatments we recommend having a weekly treatment. We also recommended booking in for a free consultation to determine what treatment will be suitable for you. I hope this information is useful. Many thanks

  2. Annabelle Leng

    I am interested in bringing my daughter in for a consultation regarding hair removal. Would this be possible. Thank you and kind regards

    • Kerry

      Hi Annabelle

      Thank you for your enquiry. You certainly can bring your daughter in for a consultation for hair removal. If you would like to ring me on 01225 478478 we can have a look at a convenient time. I can also then find out which methods of hair removal may be suitable.

      Kind regards

  3. Laura

    How many hairs can you do in a session more or less?

    • Fran

      Hello Laura,

      In a 15 minute session we remove around 20-30 hairs – you can book in for longer sessions.

      If you need to know more please book in for a free consultation.

      Many thanks

  4. Chelsea

    Is this a suitable treatment for Lower leg area?

    • Kerry

      Thank you for your enquiry.
      For the leg area, IPL is likely to be a more suitable option. You would need a consultation for this, which is complimentary. Fran, our IPL specialist, will then be able to have a look at the area to make sure it’s suitable treatment for you so you get the best restults. From there she will be able to give you a no obligation quote, as well as all the information about what the treatment entails.
      Do give us a call if you would like to book in and find out more about this treatment.
      Many thanks

  5. Faith

    I was wondering how many sessions it would be to get a Brazilian bikini in electrolysis if I was paying for an hour

    • Anne-Marie

      Dear Faith,

      thank you for your enquiry. With electrolysis it treats each individual hair and is ideal for small areas such as the face. If you wanted a Brazilian we would recommend IPL which can cover more hairs in less amount of treatments. We suggest booking a consultation with out specialist Fran and she can speak to you more about the treatment, pricing and possibly do a patch test prior to the treatment. For further information or to book an appointment please contact the salon on 01225 478478

      Kind Regards


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