Ionithermie Slimming

Available in our Bath beauty salon only.

Ionithermie is considered to be the leading treatment for combating cellulite.

The treatment works by using specialised products, detoxifying and conductive clay with two kinds of stimuli designed to stimulate the muscles, propel the specialised products and break down fatty deposits which aids cellulite. It can also help spot reduction and encourage metabolism to increase the benefits of future exercise.

Results leave dewy, toned and smoothed skin you can lose between 1 to 8 inches in a treatment, which can last for days. More intensive longer lasting results can be achieved with a course of treatments and attention paid on exercise and dietary habits.

Hip and Thigh Sculpture
The Hip and Thigh Sculpture is our most popular treatment and targets an incredibly notorious area for cellulite. Your skinny jeans will feel looser with instant results for slimmer hips and smoother, sleeker thighs.

Cheek Lift
The Cheek Lift is ideal if you want a perter derrière and tighter tummy. Designed to trim, lift and tone the bottom, this treatment is a firm favourite among the celebs.

Tummy Trim
This intensive treatment targets soft fat and loss of tone around the tummy making it tighter, more sculpted and flatter. An hour-glass figure can be yours once again!

Bust Lift
‘Perk up’ your most womanly assets with this lifting, toning treatment aimed at improving the overall shape of the bust while also smoothing the delicate skin of the décolleté.

Arm and Tummy Trim
You can forget pumping iron – our Arm and Tummy Trim effortlessly tones your upper arms! Providing instant and long-term results for firmer, more toned triceps and tighter abdominal muscles for a flatter stomach.

Ionithermie Slimming

This treatment is perfect before a one-off occasion, you can choose to target either Hip & Thighs, Arm & Tummy, Buttocks, Bust or Tummy.

£72 60 mins

Course of 4 Treatments

For a mini series of 4 treatments you can save 10%.

£260 Series of 4 treatments

Course of 10 Treatments

For the best results a course is needed. When you book a course you will receive a free home care kit to continue the benefits of the programme in between salon visits.

£648 Course of 10 Treatments

6 Responses to “Ionithermie Slimming”

  1. Nicky

    Is this treatment in the 35% off voucher offer? I have had hair and body treatments in Wells does that make me a client for Bath too or would I be considered as a newby if I came to Bath for treatments?

    • Fran

      Hello Nicky,

      We would love to see you here in our Bath salon. The 35% off voucher can be used against any Beauty treatment if you visit us in our Hair salon. If you would like to contact us in Bath on 01225 478478, email us [email protected] or forward your contact details we can give you more information on Ionithermie and the offers that are currently available.

      We look forward to hearing from you

  2. Daniela

    What’s your recommendation on how long 10 treatments should take?

    • Anne-Marie

      Hi Daniela

      The guidelines for a course of Ionithermie is for 2 to 3 treatments per week with a day in between each treatment.

      If you should like any further information or perhaps to book in for a consultation to find out more about the treatment then please do not hesitate to contact me. Alternatively you can contact the salon on 01225 478478 and make your booking here.

      Kind Regards



    I’m going on holiday in a couple of weeks and been going gym to reduce cellulite but no luck so far. I want to feel comfortable on holiday (legs and buttocks mainly) and was hoping if this treatment would help?
    Thank you in advance!

    • Anne-Marie

      Dear Selena
      Thank you for your enquiry, with regards to the Ionithermie treatment we normally advise clients to have a course of 10 treatments, twice weekly and then monthly maintenance. This will achieve long lasting results and helps to improve the appearance of cellulite.
      You can have this treatment as a one off and for some people their skin feels softer and firmer but the results only last a few days and will not improve cellulite in one or 2 treatments.

      If you would like to book an appointment or ask any other questions please do not hesitate to contact us on 01225 478478

      Many Thanks
      Beauty Therapist
      Frontlinestyle Boutique Salon And Spa


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