IPL Anti Ageing Treatment

Available in our Bath beauty salon only.

Think Intense Age Defence with PhotoSpray.

Now there is a new alternative in your range of anti-aging resources: the innovative Intense Age Defence programme from Ellipse.
This is a painless, two-step procedure where Intense by Ellipse PhotoSpray enhances the well-established Ellipse I²PL light procedure.

Ready to turn back the clock on fine lines? Reduce your fine lines and improve your skin texture and radiance – easily and without any pain or injections. The Intense Age Defence treatment uses safe and effective light emitted from a flash-lamp, together with Intense by Ellipse Photo Spray, to quickly reduce and postpone the signs of aging. What is an Intense Age Defence treatment? The Intense Age Defence treatment is a two step procedure: 1) First your skin is sprayed with intense by Ellipse Photo Spray. A generous amount is applied all over your face and gently massaged into the skin. This procedure is repeated every 5 minutes for 1 hour.

The Intense by Ellipse Photo Spray makes your skin more receptive to the light and primes for collagen stimulation. 2) After spraying, a transparent gel (similar to that used in ultrasound examinations) is applied to your face. The therapist now flashes the flash-lamp to your face going over the treatment area 3 times. The whole treatment takes around 20 min. Studies confirm that 3 treatments will give optimal results.

Intense Age Defence is pain free, will leave no scarring and has no lasting side effects. It is the only real alternative to invasive anti-ageing procedures including botox and fillers. For best results a course of 3 treatments, over a three week period is recommended.

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Anti Ageing

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