Katherine Daniel Photo-Dynamic Therapy Advanced Treatment

Available in our Wells beauty salon only.

A Beauty Industry first, this revolutionary non-invasive treatment based on skin stimulation, rejuvenation and repair. A combination of Photo-Dynamic mask and light activated skin technology. Until now this medical grade system has only been offered by doctors and dermatologists.

n this one-of-a-kind treatment, 4 different colours of LED lights are used instead of the standard 2 light process. This treatment is the only one in today’s beauty industry which has a yellow light specifically treating rosacea and sensitive skin; radically reducing redness while repairing and soothing your skin. The yellow light targets bacteria and breaks down impurities draining them away. The red light promotes anti-ageing and rejuvenation stimulating collagen and elastin production while re-energising cells to plump up skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The green light targets discolouration, pigmentation and dark spots for an even, smooth complexion. The blue light is specifically designed and used for acne and blemished skin with a soothing anti-microbial effect, destroying the bacteria which is present in, and the cause of acne and spots.

The treatments are applied as a course and for best results it is recommended to have two per week for the duration of four weeks. Choose between a one hour facial or a ‘Red Carpet’ facial which lasts for 80 minutes. You can also apply this treatment to your back and stomach area which will also result in super-smooth and ultra-cleansed and healed skin.

For further information please call our Wells salon on 01749 672225.

£86. 60 mins