A Celebration of Fragrance

16th – 22nd March 2020

The first ever National Fragrance Week was in 2018 and was such a success that this unique event is now fast approaching for this year, 2019.

The Fragrance Foundation is a non-profit organisation committed to excellence within the world of fragrance and devoted to bringing new ways of looking at the benefits and wonders of perfume. Leading a national week of celebration for the industry, the purpose of National Fragrance Week is to inspire, educate and encourage people into understanding and enjoying the scent-sational world of fragrance.


As well as raising the profile of the industry, clients are encouraged to create their very own ‘Wardrobe of Fragrances’; a unique way of looking at fragrance as a way of dressing and presenting yourself, as well as a way of expressing yourself. Women can have one signature scent, which has been the traditional way of viewing perfume, but now they can also have a variety of fragrances to suit their different moods, feelings and ways of being – hence, the ‘Wardrobe of Fragrances.’

That is why the Perfumery at Frontlinestyle in Wells, Somerset is the perfect place to explore and find the ‘Wardrobe of Fragrances’ best suited to you. Frontlinestyle stock an impressive array of Eau de Parfums, Eau de Cologne, body lotions, bathing products, soaps and home fragrance collections (because the power of perfume doesn’t just stop at what we use on ourselves but how we fragrance a space too).

Choose from the the latest Jimmy Choo, FlowerbyKenzo and Coach fragrances are also part of the Frontlinestyle collection, and we pride ourselves on always having the very latest offerings from the great fashion and fragrance houses.


ScentMemories is at the forefront of the campaign to raise awareness and explore the idea of finding a fragrance to suit your individual lifestyle, your past, present and future experiences, and your unique personality and look. Frontlinestyle also stock FLORIS of LONDON perfumes and Eau de Colognes where each scent has a unique story to it. Choose from ‘A Rose For…’ or ‘Bergamotto di Positano’ – a refreshing, exquisite fragrance with its own fascinating story, (read more on our SHOP section of the Frontlinestyle website). 

So, in honour of National Fragrance Week, and in honour of you, drop into our wonderful Perfumery at our Wells salon and enjoy browsing and exploring our incredible array of fragrance. If you feel in need of extra guidance or an expert opinion, our team of friendly, highly-trained consultants are on-hand to assist you with your incredibly special choice.

Look out for the exciting new fragrance from Coach, Coach Dreams, coming soon to Frontlinestyle.

We look forward to seeing you!

For further information on the fragrances we stock, please call us on Tel: 01749 672225 (Wells salon).