Caudalie Facial – My Journey

Radiance Facial Treatment

Many of you know the importance of self care and I am no exception. The importance of nurturing ourselves on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level is undoubtedly vital to remaining happy and balanced in today’s world. The question is…how easy is it to really find the time to look after ourselves on an ongoing basis and how do we do that?

So, it was with a combination of scepticism and excitement in equal measure that I decided to treat myself to a facial at the beautiful and peaceful sanctuary Frontlinestyle in Wells, Somerset. Renowned for their collections of skincare and hair care products from the world’s most famous beauty brands, they are my go-to place when I feel my skin, hair or makeup routine needs a bit of an overhaul, or when I am looking for a touch of luxury in the form of a gift for a loved one or colleague. I hadn’t however, experienced one of their treatments from their team of highly trained therapists and I knew that now was the time. I was experiencing a really busy and somewhat stressful phase of life – moving house, a high-pressure job and post-summer blues. My skin was in need of an overhaul and so was my mind!

Caudalie beauty treatments at FLS Bath & Wells beauty salons

The Experience

After entering the softly lit divinely fragranced therapy room, I had a consultation and chat with my therapist Nicole who asked me what I would like from my facial. The fact that I could choose impressed me from the beginning – it was like having a facial fairy godmother grant me my ultimate skin wish. I went for the ‘Caudalie Complexion Correction and Radiant Complexion’ treatment. My skin type is normal to extremely and frustratingly oily so I was grateful for any kind of solution to the bane of my life.

Nicole instantly put me at ease, taking the time to explain why she was choosing, for my particular skin type and requirements – the Vinoperfect range from Caudalie which is mattifying and therefore perfect for addressing stubborn oiliness and overly shiny skin.

The Nine Stages

With a background of soothing and gentle music, I sat back and allowed myself to relax for the first time in about a year. Each stage of my facial was a sensory delight. Starting with a soft surface cleansing of my skin to wipe away the remains of the day, Nicole then exfoliated my skin with Caudalie Deep Cleansing Exfoliator, cleverly mixed with a hydrating mask to strengthen skin around the eyes and a glycolic peel to eliminate toxins and impurities, all formulated to eradicate and loosen dead skin cells which contribute to a dull and uneven complexion. The next step was the removal of the exfoliator and refreshing toning stage with spray toner which filled the atmosphere with the most exquisite fragrance I had ever experienced – a specially blended uplifting combination of Caudalie Grape Water and Beauty Elixir. Following this, I was treated to the most wonderfully relaxing massage around the eyes, face, neck, shoulders and arms using Caudalie Instant Foaming Cleanser which transported my senses to a deep state of relaxation and peace. After the massage process, Nicole used special mini-rollers specifically designed to be a coolant for the skin and act as a simultaneous lymph drainage. Then, the wonderfully soothing Caudalie Moisturising Mask was applied gently and when removed, my eyes, face and neck were treated to the sublime moisturising process using energising and smoothing Caudalie Eye Cream, Vinoperfect Radiance Serum and Vinoperfect Radiance Moisturiser SPF20.

My face felt smooth, cleansed and fresh while the knots in my neck, shoulders and arms had dissolved with Nicole’s expert massage techniques. Upon looking in the mirror, I could see my face looked rejuvenated and glowing – for the first time in years.

The wonderful element of Frontlinestyle’s Caudalie Facial Treatments is that I knew that whether I had chosen the purifying, the moisturising, the anti-ageing or the anti-pollution facial, the results would have been just as effective and uplifting as the radiance treatment I had chosen, and for that day, I had definitely made the best choice.

For further information on Caudalie Facial Treatments at Frontlinestyle Wells and Bath, please call on Tel: 01749 672225 (Wells salon) 01225 478478 (Bath)