THURSDAY 15th June

 12PM – 8PM 

Join us for an educative and interactive Skincare Masterclass with our Caudalie skincare expert Joanna. 

This exclusive event offers you 45 minutes of dedicated time with our CAUDALIE skincare expert, where you will receive a personalised skincare routine and learn how to use your products effectively to get the very best results thanks to our cutting edge skin scanner technology. And pamper yourself with an Instant Mini Beauty Facial. 

The CAUDALIE ‘SKIN SCANNER’ is designed to give an accurate analysis of your skincare needs using polarised, UV and normal light.  The next-generation SKIN SCANNER analyses your skin through a lens which magnifies the image of your skin 30 times taking photographic images which can then measure the pore size, hydration and elasticity, melanin, wrinkles, sensitivity and important pollution levels. This process provides a better understanding of your skin and which products are best suited to you. 

£10 booking fee redeemable on the day. Places are limited, please RSVP to book your space

To book an appointment, please call us on Tel:01749 672225 (Wells salon)