Essences – Serious About Skin

We all know that Asian women have beautiful, flawless skin –  so what is their secret?


Essence is a concentrated formula in the form of a lightweight, hydrating liquid that specifically targets wrinkles, fine lines, and dull and uneven skin tones. Some companies are making combinations of essences, lotions and toners designed to address two skincare steps in one however Korean experts still advise in using the separate products for the best results. For Essence in its pure form, Frontlinestyle stocks Clarins ‘Super Restorative Treatment Essence’ 200ml. at £45 and Caudalie ‘VinoPerfect Concentrated Brightening Essence’ 150ml. at £30


Clarins ‘Super Restorative’ Treatment Essence

Caudalie ‘Concentrated Brightening’ Essence










Essentially a primer and used after cleansing and toning, it acts as a preparation for the skin to absorb moisturiser more effectively. It drenches the skin with high concentrate moisturiser to prepare it for making the most of the benefits of expensive serums and moisturisers. If the skin is likened to a sponge, we all know that a wet sponge absorbs and utilises moisturising shower cream more effectively than a dry one. The same principle applies to Essences and the skin, helping the skin to be and appear brighter, firmer and more illuminated.

Essence is also different from a toner which is basically water infused with essential oils and often alcohol for a rapid drying effect, Essences contain a higher level of active ingredients for deeper penetration into the skin.


The Benefits

Essences also act as an agent to balance the pH levels of the skin helping you and your skin to feel hydrated, smooth, supple and well… human again.

The anti-ageing aspect of Essences is also exciting. By adding moisture to the skin from an early age, it can help skin to remain supple and firm and as experts have observed, Asian women tend to have a thinner moisture barrier to their skin than Caucasian women making them more prone to dryness explaining the popularity of Essences on the Asian market.

In the same way as Essences are not a toner, they are also not a serum which comes in smaller amounts and is packed with higher concentrates.

How do I use Essence?

Usually used after toning, place a few drops into the palms of the hands and gently press the Essence into your face starting at the neck and jawline and working upwards. The gentle pressure you use and the heat from your hands will help the lotion to penetrate your skin and boost circulation resulting in a glowing, healthy complexion.

After the application of your Essence, follow with your skincare regime of serum and moisturiser. Frontlinestyle has a complete selection of serums and moisturisers for all skin types and skin concerns. Our in-salon skincare experts are able to advise you on the ideal serum and moisturiser depending upon your skin’s individual needs and requirements.


Where can I find Essence?

Both the Clarins and Caudalie products mentioned in this article are available at Frontlinestyle Hair and Beauty Salons. For telephone orders or for more information please call us on Tel: 01749 672225 (Wells) and 01225 478478 (Bath)