Floris of London

1927 Eau de Parfum

The Dawning of a New Age


Decadence, a new found freedom and a period in history which challenged the constraints of society are just some of the elements that made the 1920s both notorious and inspirational. As jazz music permeated the riotous parties and gatherings of the glamorous and wealthy, fashion radically changed from the constriction of corsets and crinolines to relaxed shapes and opulent fabrics. Alongside this, a group of thinkers, artists, writers and aristocrats emerged, known as ‘The Bright Young Things.’ Synonymous with bohemian elegance and the spirit of adventure, this fast new set saw the rise of unconventionality and the beginnings of a a new era.



Now, in homage to the spirit of the ‘20s, Floris of London, perfumer to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, have brought out 1927 Eau de Parfum, part of the Floris Private Collection. A fresh citrus scent introducing subtle and shimmering aldehydes, blending into upbeat bergamot with a sensual heart of violet, ylang ylang and heavenly narcissus with mimosa. Base notes of musk, amber and patchouli promise rich, earthy elements to this eclectic and exotic fragrance, formulated for ‘The Bright Young Things’ of the 21st Century.

Now available at Frontlinestyle: 100ml at £140

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