Waxing, all you need to know…

Smoothly Does It!

We want nothing more than silky smooth hair-free legs. If you, like us, aren’t a fan of the fuss and faff of shaving every other day, and the itchy irritation of freshly razored skin, then it’s time you thought about waxing.

So what does waxing offer you? The answer is easy – it offers you weeks of smooth skin (most people go every 4-6 weeks), it saves you time, and it really doesn’t hurt – if it’s done properly that is.

Ideally your hair needs to be 1cm in length for the best results. It’s also recommended to exfoliate regularly to remove any dead skin cells and keep your skin soft and supple, and to not use any products on the day of your appointment. After your wax soothing products that contain Aloe Vera are great for post pampering.

Waxing can be a great option to use all over the body too – from upper lips and legs to your bikini line. At Frontlinestyle we use a very special wax by a Somerset based company called Outback Organics – and it’s so good they even use it in Harrods! It’s been formulated to be soft with a low melting point and virtually no skin-pull to ensure ultimate comfort and ease when it comes to hair removal.Outbacks Gold sliding down palm leafIf you’re a waxing novice you might be thinking but surely wax is just wax? Well we can tell you now it really isn’t. Cheap waxes tend to have a higher melting point which can be hugely damaging and very uncomfortable for sensitive skin – they also tend to be very sticky – which can result in bruising if it tugs on hairs or skin. It’s also really important to use the right wax for the right area.

Generally, for large areas of tighter skin, (think legs, back and chest), strip wax is usually the preference. We use Outback Organics True Blue Strip Wax. This luxury wax glides smoothly onto the contours of your body to effectively remove even the toughest of hairs, cleanly with no sticky residue left behind. It also smells pretty good too!

Outbacks Organics Legs covered in wax Frontlinestyle


We also use Outback Organics Gold strip-free peelable wax – perfect for more intimate areas and packed full of wonderfully indulgent skin caring ingredients sourced from Australian plums. This wax peels off without the need of applying strips which makes them a much greener choice. This type of wax is great for sensitive skin – it works by only lifting the hair out so avoids pulling or causing sensitivity to the skin making it less painful too. A very important note to add – we do not double dip this wax – EVER. Although double dipping has been outlawed in Scotland, the UK have yet to catch up. Double dipping is what it says on the tin; a therapist re-dips their spatula into the wax after using it on their client. The same wax is then used again for someone else – regardless of where they’ve been waxing and how many times they have dipped. Double dipping is unhygienic and actually pretty grim – which is why we have decided to never do this for intimate waxing at a Frontlinestyle salon, no matter what type of wax we use.

This leads us on to bikini waxing – or rather G-string, Brazilian, Hollywood and bikini line – an area that often raises a lot of questions. For those that don’t know; a Hollywood is everything off – and we mean from front to back- all gone. A Brazilian is everything off, just leaving a landing strip neatly at the front. A G-string bikini wax is higher than the standard “bikini line” so it leaves less hair – think of the underwear and you’ll be along the right track. The standard bikini line gives you a clean and neat shape- as you’d expect. We offer all of these at Frontlinestyle in Bath and Wells – if you’re considering it but you’re unsure just speak to your specially trained therapist. There isn’t much they haven’t been asked or seen before!

And it’s not just bikini lines; when it comes to wax we offer an entire menu of choice. We cater for men and women. Our team is specially trained to ensure not only that we use the best products and offer aftercare advice, but we provide the best experience too.

So if you fancy going razor free  – make an appointment now for smooth silky skin that lasts.

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4 Responses to “Waxing, all you need to know…”

  1. Marcus

    Good morning, can you tell me do you offer a Hollywood style for men, thank you.

    • Nikeisha

      Hello Marcus,

      Thank you for your enquiry.

      Male Intimate Waxing is a service we do offer at the salon. If you require any further information, please let us know and we can have one of therapist contact you to discuss further.

      Many thanks,


  2. Madison

    Would you do a Hollywood was on a 16 year old?

    • Kerry

      Hi Madison

      Thank you for your enquiry.

      Unfortunately, we are unable to carry out intimate waxing on under 18’s. We can offer regular bikini and high leg bikini, but a consenting parent would need to accompany anyone under the age of 18.

      I do hope this helps.
      Kind regards


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