L’Oreal Professional Source Essentielle

Sign of the Times

Now it’s possible to be beautiful inside and out; to nurture yourself and the planet, with L’Oreal Professional’s Source Essentielle Collection. This incredible range of eco-friendly hair care products are formulated from up to 99% Natural Origin Ingredients without compromising on results and finish usually obtained from conventional professional hair care systems.

Botanical Inclusion

All of the Source Essentielle formulas are free from silicone and include extracts from plants and flowers specially selected for their unique beautifying and healing properties. Calendula, lavender, jasmine and acacia leaves are just some of the carefully chosen ingredients which leave hair feeling and looking soft, silky, healthy and nourished, as well as being wonderfully scented!

Individual formulas have been developed to address all hair needs for all types of hair which have been sectioned off in the following categories making the choice easy for our clients: normal, dry or coloured hair and delicate, sensitive scalps.

State-of-the-Art Packaging

Progressive and innovative, L’Oreal have designed the packaging to be sustainable in every way. The stylish, square bottle holds the maximum amount of product in the minimum amount of recycled plastic, cutting down on packaging waste and economising on the transport process due to the compact bottle taking up far less packaging space.

The bottles are refillable in our salons up to 3 times, once again helping the environment with less plastic waste and unnecessary disposal processes.

So treat yourself today, whilst treating the earth in a loving and gentle way and book an appointment at Frontlinestyle to try the new Source Essentielle Collection.

For further information please drop into our friendly salons in Bath and Wells or call us on Tel: 01225 478478 (Bath salon) and 01749 672225 (Wells salon).