Male Intimate Waxing, ‘The Lowdown’

Often thought of as a beauty treatment just for women, male intimate waxing is rapidly becoming popular with discerning gentlemen of all ages for either hygiene requirements or aesthetic reasons. Whether it is having shoulders, tummy and backs ‘de-fuzzed’, underarm hair removed, super-smooth legs and arms or perfectly groomed pubic areas, male intimate waxing is a great alternative to shaving and trimming which can leave rough stubble, thicker re-growth and the hassle of reaching parts only others can reach!

Intimate Waxing

At Frontlinestyle Hair and Beauty Salon in Bath and Wells our experienced therapists can advise you on our range of waxing treatments and how to get the best results before and after your appointment. From the ‘Boyzilian’ (the male answer to the female ‘Brazilian’ wax) where the hair around the shaft, testicles, perineum and buttocks is removed using wax, to the male ‘Hollywood’ which involves the removal of all hair from the pubic regions, waxing is the ideal way of getting the best results which last up to six weeks with hair growing back thinner and finer than before. Alternatively, you can have individual areas of pubic hair removed so that the look is tailor-made to your requirements.

What to Expect

In a hygienic, private treatment room within the salon, one of our Professionally Trained Therapists will explain the waxing process and recommended aftercare to ensure you get the best results from your wax. You will be asked to stretch the skin around the area you want to be waxed, creating a taut surface for the wax to be applied to and removed. A combination of strip wax and peelable wax is used to get the best effect.

With the strip wax technique, the wax is warmed in a professional wax heater and applied onto the area to be waxed using a disposable, one-use-only spatula. A paper or fabric strip is pressed into the wax and removed again very rapidly in one stroke. The result is long-lasting, smooth, stubble-free skin. The peelable wax is used by applying warm wax onto the area and gently peeling it away by hand. It is great for avoiding in-growing hairs and breakage of the hairs themselves.

Before Your Treatment

Avoid shaving the area to be waxed but trimming the hair if it is long can be helpful in getting a smooth finish. Exfoliate your skin in the treatment area a few days before your wax to eliminate dead skin and create the best results for hair removal. If possible, please shower or wash before your treatment.


To avoid skin irritation we recommend avoiding using fragranced products on your skin for up to 48 hours after your treatment. Keep skin clean and moisturised with a lightweight body lotion and if possible avoid sun, steam, saunas, running and the gym for at least two days after waxing. We also stock a range of Outback Organics products known for their soothing, moisturising qualities which you can use at home after your waxing session.

Outback Organics


For more information or to book an appointment for male waxing please call Frontlinestyle on Tel: 01225 478478 (Bath salon) and 01749 672225 (Wells salon).


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  1. Marcus

    Good evening, can you tell me do you do any offers for chest and back and Brazilian wax please.

    • Nikeisha

      Hi Marcus,

      Thank you for your enquiry.

      Currently, we do not have any offers available for waxing however please continue to check the website for any upcoming launch of offers.

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