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Clarins TriActive Facial Treatments at FLS Bath and Wells
Our therapists are just back from London after undergoing the very latest training for the…..

‘NEW’ CLARINS Signature Facial Treatments

Discover the new generation of Clarins Facial Treatments: a moment of pure pleasure with clinically proven effectiveness.

Clarins, the leader in professional spa treatment, launches five New Signature facials: 3 anti-ageing facials to meet the needs of women of all ages and 2 beauty rescue facials answering key beauty concerns of modern day women. These new facials are the result of the ongoing innovation that drives Clarins, combining 60 years of Institute expertise and highly effective plant-based formulas, optimised by Clarins art of touch manual technique, resulting in a blissful sensory experience for total well-being.

“Taking time out for a facial or body treatment is no longer a luxury but a necessity of modern living. Feeling good about yourself starts with taking care of yourself. At Clarins our aim has always been to maintain your sense of well-being and enhance your beauty.”
Dr. Olivier Courtin-Clarins, Clarins Managing Director

Signature Facials

Every treatment is personalised: the beauty therapist adapts the movements and products to your skins’ needs, taking care of your essentials beauty concerns and well-being with tailor-made treatments that deliver optimal, immediate and long-lasting results. The new Signature Facials involve 5 luxurious and personalised steps to treat the face and eyes with a special focus on the delicate neck, décolleté and hands.

1. Relaxation Ritual – A moment of instant calm, with relaxation and breathing techniques combined with soothing aromatherapy.

2. Make-Up Removal – Following the Clarins Anti-Pollution Professional Method to gently purify and protect the skin.

3. Double Exfoliation – Buff away dead skin cells for smoother, brighter and more youthful looking skin.

4. Anti-Ageing Facial Massage – A Clarins innovation which sculpts the contours of the face with a firming, reshaping and relaxing anti-ageing massage.

5. Triple Face-Eyes-Décolleté Mask – The treatment is customized according to your skin’s needs using a wide variety of textures for an ultra-relaxing sensorial experience.

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Clarins TriActive Facial Treatments at FLS Bath and Wells

At the heart of the new Signature Facial Treatments is a NEW 25-minute Anti-Ageing Facial Massage which sculpts the contours of the face to lift, reshape, firm and relax, delivering visible rejuvenating results. The beauty therapist selects an anti-ageing cocktail of three high-performance products adapted to the skin’s needs. Using precise movements and adapting the weight, pace and type of pressure in their hands, the therapist is able to stimulate relaxed muscles thereby reshaping the face.

Lifting Replenisher

A luxuriously replenishing treatment that plumps and regenerates the radiance of mature skin. This treatment smoothes, re-sculpts and redefines facial contours as well as visibly reducing the look of wrinkles and dark spots. The ultimate rejuvenation for your skin.
At Home: Clarins Super Restorative Skin Care


Power Firmer

An intensive firming treatment that visibly diminishes the look of wrinkles. This treatment stimulates the skin to deliver a triple rejuvenating action targeting wrinkles, firmness and elasticity. Wrinkles are smoothed, facial features lifted and your youthful vitality is restored.
At Home: Clarins Extra-Firming Skin Care

Radiance Reviver

A revitalising treatment that smoothes first signs of wrinkles and protects stressed out skin. This treatment recharges dull, tired and stressed skin with a cocktail of antioxidants and revitalising plant extracts. Skin recovers a healthy, dewy glow and early lines and wrinkles are smoothed. Your skin is better protected against lifestyle and environmental aggressors that lead to premature ageing.

At Home: Clarins Multi-Active Skin Care

Moisture Quencher

Helps restore comfort, softness and moisture to dry, dehydrated skin. This multi-level hydration treatment provides intense nourishment for dry, weakened skin. Dehydration lines are plumped and feelings of tightness disappear – your skin feels wonderfully soft and supple again and radiance is restored.

At Home: Clarins HydraQuench Skin Care

Skin Soother

A calming treatment to soothe and comfort sensitive and irritated skin. This soothing and healing facial will help reduce redness and recovers skin softness, suppleness and comfort.
At Home: Clarins Gentle Skin Care

Duration and Price.

Each treatment is available in 1hr 30min and 1hr 45min appointments. 1hour 45min appointments include a choice of either a 20min back massage or a 20min scalp and foot massage.

1hr 30mins £68 / 1hr 45min £83

Clarins Touch

At the heart of all the facial treatments is the Clarins Touch, a specialised massage developed in Paris by Jacques Courtin-Clarins in 1954. This unique massage method utilises over 80 intricate rhythmic strokes to stimulate the lymphatic system and blood circulation, to maintain the integrity and health of the skin and to restore the balance and energy of mind and body. The human hand is both sensitive and dextrous and those of a Clarins-trained therapist have the skill to sense and respond to the specific needs of the skin. On-going research and development ensures the power of touch is adapted to suit every Clarins treatment and to heighten the performance of all active botanical ingredients. By combining the Clarins Touch with pure plant extracts and essential oils, Clarins has created a unique treatment system that provides the ultimate sensory experience for your skin.


Reserved exclusively for the expert hands of the therapists, this powerful line of CLARINSPRO formulas gives the therapist the tools to create personalised, high performance products to effectively treat a clients specific skin type and concern. These botanical rich supplements fuel the skin with intensive concentrates of active plant extracts and essential oils. Each supplement is formulated to deeply nourish and reactivate a specific function in the skin.

Proven results after one facial.

Clarins research evaluates the effectiveness of its treatments in its own Laboratories using the most advanced measuring techniques, carried out in Clarins Institute under real conditions of a Treatment.

The anti-ageing effect was measured before and after a 1 hour anti-ageing facial treatment using cutting-edge techniques evaluating the skin relief through fringe projection and the skin’s mechanical properties.

Reduction in the volume of wrinkles (crow’s feet, frown lines) Improvement in skin firmness
Smoothing effect / improvement in skin texture

After the treatment:

The Complexion is radiant Features are relaxed

-29% +18.3% +10.4%

93.8% 93.8%

The rejuvenating results observed by women after the treatment continue at home as women are encouraged to continue using Clarins anti-ageing routine recommended by their beauty therapist.

After the treatment and 7 days of the anti-ageing routine:
93% of women feel their anti-ageing routine completes and prolongs the benefits of the treatment

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