Suncare for your Hair

Being a dedicated sun worshipper or simply going on holiday to sunnier hotter climates doesn’t have to leave you with dry and bleached out hair requiring lots of tender loving care upon your return home. In fact, spending time in the sun either at home or abroad can be a great opportunity to nourish, protect and really care for your hair.

So where do you start? There is a myriad of hair care products on today’s market which is good news for your hair but can get very confusing if you are not sure of the difference between balm and oil, masks and gels, or lotions and leave-in conditioners!

That’s why the team at Frontlinestyle have compiled some of their favourite tried and tested products so that you can have your pick of the bunch and get glorious, luxuriously looked after locks.

First and foremost we start with Philip Kingsley Sun Shield, 100ml at £22. Offering protection against damage from UV rays, chlorine and salt water, this fine mist also prevents frizz, keeping locks smooth and tame in humid, hot and sweaty weather and it is so lightweight you won’t even know you have it on your hair.

System Professional Solar Sun Oil, part of the Solar Collection, is perfect for those of you who prefer the feel of an oil instead of a spray. Containing keratin to promote strong, healthy hair fibres, this super-smooth oil shields hair from sun rays keeping it ultra-soft and hydrated. 100ml at £34.90.

For the swimmers and sunbathers amongst you, Philip Kingsley Swimcap 75ml at £17 is a moisturising mask which offers a barrier against chlorinated water and salt water by drawing extra moisture into the hair. Apply to damp hair, comb through and re-apply after swimming. If you swim throughout the winter months in swimming pools this is great for protecting hair all year round!

System Professional Solar Hair and Body Shampoo is a must-have for gently cleansing your hair and skin from residues of salt, sunscreen and chlorine. This fabulous Solar shampoo moisturises hair and makes it shiny, light and manageable without making it heavy. At the same time it cleanses skin, removing waterproof sun lotions and hydrolipid residues for a smooth, refreshed body post sun, sea and sand. 250ml at £19.30

Après Sun

We all know the benefits of moisturising your skin with nourishing balms, creams, lotions and gels after intense sun exposure but many of us overlook our hair, using the same shampoo and conditioner we always use. Exposure to sun and sea however puts more strain on your crowning glory, especially if you have coloured hair, so treating your hair in the same way you treat your body not only avoids damage and dryness but will help you get healthy, shiny lengths. If you use good quality products during your time in the sun and continue to put hair masks and moisturising shampoos on your hair for a few weeks post holiday, you will really reap the rewards.Undoubtedly one of the best, if not the best product on today’s market is Philip Kingsley’s iconic (and for good reason), Elasticizer. Offering deep hydration and replacing much needed moisture, it improves and promotes elasticity and suppleness, making it ideal for straight lengths, waves or curls. Use it once a week before you shampoo for best results. 150ml at £32 and 75ml at £18.50

System Professional Solar Solar Hydro Repair Cream, 200ml at £22.20 is an intense, deep-acting conditioner with HelioRestore complex, repairing sun damage and actively restoring lost moisture. The result is silky soft and shiny hair which is easy to manage and style.

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*Prices correct at the time of publication.