Sunless tanning – Get the Glow

Sunless Tanning –

Get The Glow….

Of course, when we say tanning we’re talking about faking it – not ‘baking it’. As we all know; too much sun exposure can cause premature skin-ageing – as well as increasing the risk of skin cancer. Not something any of us want – not by any stretch of the imagination!

The problem is there’s nothing more welcome than an even, golden glow when the warmer months step in. A beautiful summer tan is the perfect accessory all season long – and a good tan can make you look and feel fantastic! This is where a good sunless tan steps in that can help you get that lust-worthy glow!



Preparing your skin properly and picking a natural-looking quality product are essential for that ‘just off the plane’ look. No one wants orange elbows or stripy legs. What we do want is an even colour that last – and a little head start before we hit the beach!

There are many tans out there but they’re not created equally. Some tans are full of chemicals and can leave your skin feeling irritated and looking far from sun-kissed. And let’s not even mention that odd biscuit smell – you know the one!

For the best most natural tan, nothing beats the speedy and streak-free spray tan. The beauty of a spray tan means an even application – even in those hard to reach places! And when it comes to spray tans the award winning SiennaX offer a gorgeous natural glowing hue. They can even be adapted to whatever the depth of bronzed beauty you require. There’s a good reason why so many celebs pick them as their first choice for flawless tanning!

One thing that often puts people off sunless tanning is the worry, or concern, over patches or streaks. As long as you prep correctly and you visit a well-trained therapist this really doesn’t have to be an issue.

The key to a successful tan is preparation. In the lead up to your appointment you need to make sure you exfoliate – and pay special attention to those pesky dry areas like your knees and elbows. It’s also best to use non-oil based products a few days before. Oily creams and lotions can interfere with the effectiveness of your tan and can result in development issues!

Using a gentle exfoliator and keeping your skin well hydrated will ensure your tan lasts and when it does fade – it does so evenly!

If you look after your tan and prepare properly you’ll benefit from days of beautiful, bronzed skin – without any UV damage in sight!

If you’re thinking about booking a tan, and you’ve got any questions, give your local Frontlinestyle a call and we’d be happy to help!

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6 Responses to “Sunless tanning – Get the Glow”

  1. Anita Tucker

    I am curious about the procedure. Is it done by a therapist or in a self tanning booth?
    How do you hydrate skin without using oils or creams?
    How many sessions are needed. for a light tan (on a luminously white skin!)
    How long does it last?
    I am going away mid June..
    Thank you!

    • Liz

      Hello Anita,

      We have either Clarins Sun Glow-which is applied by a therapist by hand. Or we have the Sienna X spray tan- which is applied by a therapist with a spray machine.
      The Clarins Sun Glow has some ,moisturising properties to it as it is a cream based tan. You only need one application for either of these tans. The tans should last between 5-7 days.
      If you would like any further information you can reach us on Bath 01225 478478.

      Kind regards,


      • Martha


        How much sienna x spray tan applied by the therapist?


        • Liz

          Hi Martha,

          The Sienna X Full Body Spray Tan is £29.50.
          If you would like more information or to book an appointment, you can reach us on-
          Bath 01225 478478
          Wells 01749 672225

          Kind regards,

  2. Gill

    Is spray tan or cream tan suitable for older skin with wrinkles

    • Anne-Marie

      Hi Gill

      Thank you for your message. I have spoken to one of our beauty therapists who carries out both treatments and she has advised that either tan would be suitable for you. So it’s really depends on how much of a tan you are looking to achieve. The Clarins Sun glow does really give a very natural glow to the skin, whilst the spray tan will give much more of a colour change and you can chose how tanned you would like to go.
      To make an appointment or for further information, please call our Bath salon on 01225 478478 or our Wells salon on 01749 672225.

      Kind Regards,



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