The Secret Healthy Scalp and Healthy Hair

NIOXIN Recharging Complex

A tablet a day…keeps thinning hair away!

There are many reasons that be can attributed to thinning hair and hair loss, genetics, stress, medication, environment and lastly diet. Nioxin food supplement works from the inside out and will provide all of the necessary daily nutrients to support hair and scalp health.

The market today is saturated with offers of how to attain that thick, healthy head of hair you’ve always dreamed of, or once had and now wish for again. Now, available at Frontlinestyle, NIOXIN Recharging Complex gives you the solution to attain healthy-growing hair – from the inside out. NIOXIN Recharging Complex is a multi-nutrient supplement specifically formulated to promote the growth of thick, protein-rich and glossy hair.

The secret?

NuCLIUM-PLEX technology with biotin and zinc, provides your body with the particular nutrients it needs during the Anagen phase of the growth cycle (the hair’s growth phase lasting between 2 and 7 years).

Biotin (vitamin B7) is found in natural foods such as liver and egg yolk. It is vital in promoting the maintenance of strong and healthy hair, skin and nails, and the normal function of the nervous system and psychological function.

Zinc is of paramount importance in maintaining normal nails and skin, normal function of the immune system, normal vision and protection of cells from oxidative stress. This essential mineral is naturally present in peanuts, vegetables, shellfish, beef and pork.  

The third ingredient, iron, plays a predominant part in the formation of red blood cells and contributes to the normal transport of oxygen to the body; it also reduces tiredness and fatigue.

A combination of all of these ingredients are a key step in not only encouraging the growth of healthy hair but maintaining your crowning glory for years to come.

Dermatologists believe that patients concerned about thinning hair have these vital ingredients missing from their diet which can lead to fine/thinning hair. 4 out of 5 dermatologists recommend an oral supplement rich in biotin for patients suffering from thinning hair and 64% of dermatologists recommend a combination of oral supplements and specific hair care products such as NIOXIN 3-Part Systems to improve the condition and growth of hair for men and women.

Take 1 tablet a day with water, a 3 month course of tablets is recommended, For best results for your hair and scalp,use with your Nioxin 3-Part Hair Care System as recommended by your Nioxin specialist.

Recharging Complex 30 Tablets £40.00

Learn more….

Gemma, our NIOXIN specialist will be holding a hair clinic in our Wells salon on the 7th March 4pm – 8pm.

Booking your place is essential, £10 booking fee applies, redeemable on any NIOXIN purchase on the day.

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