Clarins New Aroma Fragrance Body Care Range


So much more than just a body care range, the new aroma fragrance body care range from Clarins, promises to revitalise and stimulate your body and mind. With products rich in aromatherapy essential oils and plant extracts, each product brings with it a truly unique and sensory experience. Aromatherapy is long associated with its ability to encourage a total sense of well being for both the mind and body. Allow the carefully selected aromatherapy oils to envelope you, whilst you enjoy a moment of calmness, feel soothed, de-stressed and even invigorated as your senses are awakened.

So just take a moment and breathe.

Clarins new aroma body care range is suitable for both men and women of all ages. With natural scented lotions, creams, shower gels and shower milks, experience the wonderful mind and body benefits of an aromatherpy treatment at home.


Looking to feel energised? For the perfect kick start to any day, explore the Eau Dynamisante body care range.

Energizing Fresh Shower Gel 200ml £27.00*

Energizing Melting Body Lotion 200ml £32.00*

Deodrant 100ml £20.50

For serenity and calm, look no further than the beautiful fragrance of Eau Ressourcante.

Comforting Shower Milk 200ml £27.00*

Comforting Silky Body Cream 200ml £32.00*

For a feeling of joy and radiance then revitalising Eau des Jardins body care range should be explored.

Uplifting Fresh Shower Gel 200ml £27.00*

Uplifting Melting Body Lotion 200ml £32.00*

If strength and comfort is required, then enjoy the invigorating essential oils from the Eau Extraordinaire range.

Revitalising Shower Milk 200ml £27.00*

Revitalising Body Cream 200ml £32.00*

All of the above aroma body care range is complemented by its own treatment fragrance.

For more information you can all us on: 01749 672225, or why not visit the salon and find out more from one of our in house Clarins Experts.

*Prices correct at the time of publication.