Caudalie Premier Cru – The ultimate anti-ageing skincare collection


“I created Premier Cru to offer women skincare that corrects a signs of ageing, without compromise. It’s the most effective and sensorial collection…….the ultimate in anti-ageing”

Malthilde Thomas



Caudalie Premier Cru luxurious anti ageing skincare range holds the answers to all of your skincare concerns. This effective skincare cream, Caudalie Premier Cru The Cream, suitable for all skin types, is powered by TET8™ technology, and has been specifically formulated to combat and correct the 8 signs of ageing. Deep wrinkles, fine lines, firmness, volume, elasticity, dark spots, hydration and radiance can be significantly improved by daily use morning and night when applied after Caudalie Premier Cru The Serum.

Hyluronic acid, produced by biotechnology and from 100% natural origin, provides intensive hydartion, delivering a smoother apprearnace to the skin. Whilst Viniferine, provides the ultimate in dark spot correction, this patented ingredient, derived from vine sap is 62 times more effective than Vitamin C. 10 years of collaboration with Harvard Medical School, resulted in the revolutionary creation of the patented formual TET8™. Honokiol boosts the activity of the TET enzyme when combined with Resveratrol, its effects are multiplied, allowing it to work directly on the skins youth proteins, assisting in the reversal of the ageing process and the eight signs of ageing. Lastly and no means least, the cream is enriched with tightening sugards for an immediate natural skin tightening effect. 

With it’s clean and sustainable commitment, enjoy this cream and all its astounding anti ageing benefits even more, knowing its formula is from 97% natural origin, non comedogenic, dermatology tested, vegan and 100% natural origin fragrance. Whats more, for the first time, Caudalie has designed refillable and recyclable capsules for both The Cream and The Rich Cream.


Caudalie Premier Cru The Rich Cream, especially formulated for dry skin, has the added benefits of being enriched with lipid-replenishing bio-ceramides, these skin strengthening ingredients, help to restrict water loss and bring comfort to dry and sensitive skin.

Caudalie Premiere Cru The Cream £85* 50ml


Caudalie Premiere Cru The Rich Cream £85* 50ml


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