A Touch of Magic…in a Jar

Caudalie Vinoperfect Dark Spot Glycolic Night Cream

We all know that beauty sleep is one of nature’s fast track way to a glowing complexion and radiant skin, but now an added boost of goodness is on offer in Caudalie Vinoperfect Dark Spot Glycolic Night Cream.

While you sleep this incredible formula works its magic to give you smooth and even skin when you wake up each morning – trust us…it works – really works!

Using patented ingredient Viniferine or grapevine sap, this incredible element is 60 times…yes…60 times more powerful than Vitamin C (well-known for its rejuvenating and revitalising properties). As you can imagine Viniferine is a turbo-boost ingredient which is key to combating hyperpigmentation, dark spots and discolouration often as a result of ageing or a demanding and high-performance lifestyle. Not only does it produce a smooth and clear complexion, it also boosts microcirculation giving a healthy glow. Glycolic acid also features as an added ingredient which gently exfoliates dead skin beating the dullness blues. Organic shea butter provides nourishment and suppleness – reinstating elasticity and hydrating skin and giving you the radiance you have always wanted – naturally and effortlessly.


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