Clarins ‘Double Serum’

A Clarins Higher Tier Gold Salon, Frontlinestyle is one of the leading stockists of the latest skincare products from Clarins including the exciting new Clarins Double Serum.

Originating in 1985, the 2 serums in 1 Double Serum range now introduces the 8th generation Clarins Double Serum using ground-breaking skin technology to combat signs of skin-ageing including reducing fine lines and wrinkles, helping to eliminate pores, hydrating skin throughout the day and restoring radiance and elasticity to the skin. The exciting new major ingredient, turmeric, is part of the 21 active plant ingredients contributing to the 5 vital functions of the skin which in turn make for a more radiant, youthful complexion.


Skin Cell Communication…

Skin cells emit and receive messages from other cells and the environment. Effective communication is the key to the 5 vital functions of the skin, resulting in healthy, younger looking, beautiful skin. As the skin ages, communication between cells diminishes. The 5 vital functions are disrupted causing the signs of ageing to appear.  Clarins Double Serum has 21 plant extracts which enhance the 5 vital functions of the skin.

Turmeric – The Super-Natural Ingredient

The primary super-ingredient is turmeric extract, highly concentrated in turmerone. Clarins Laboratories discovered that this active ingredient improves skin cell communication by observing the role of turmeric in nature. Alerting other plants of danger and attracting bees and other pollinating insects for reproduction, turmeric is a key factor in communication between plants. Taking this element and translating it to skincare, Clarins experts discovered that this unique extract promotes optimum cell communication, improves the performance of the vital functions and protects the ‘listening’ ability of the receptors on the surface of the skin cell. This combination promotes a stimulation of the skin’s 5 vital functions resulting in radiant, luminous skin.

So from the fields of Southern India where this sacred orange Hindu spice grows, to the Clarins Laboratories in Pontoise, turmeric, renowned for its life-enhancing properties and revered in Indian culture has been utilised in the new Double Serum, resulting in a Complete Age Control Concentrate which is effective and powerful.

Maximum Effect

The new innovative bottle delivers a made-to-measure dosage of the serum, thanks to its rotating push button.

Use in conjunction with Clarins eye creams and moisturisers specific to your individual skin’s age and requirements for optimum results.

Available in two sizes:

30 ml. at £57

50ml. at £75

30ml Double Serum, £57

50ml Double Serum, £75