Clarins Pore Control

Large and open pores affect most women at some point in their lives. A fast track to flawless looking skin is to address the issue of enlarged pores which are often as a result of busy lifestyles, environmental factors, poor skin care routines and genetics.

Now CLARINS has introduced a brand NEW product: Pore Control, 30ml. at £45, incorporating natural ingredients of vine flower extract (reinforcing the pore structure to limit pore size), organic strawberry tree fruit (regulates the production of sebum) and tamarind pulp (unclogs pores with a gentle exfoliating action); all of which promote smooth, fresh, flawless skin whilst boosting radiance and glow. In addition, this ground-breaking formula uses blur technology that assists with reducing the appearance of pores.

To apply, simply warm the serum between the hands to activate absorption and apply with smoothing stokes from the middle of the face outwards.

For further information or telephone orders, please call us on Tel: 01749 7672225.

*Prices correct at the time of publication.