Revitalise, Restore, Replenish


It used to be our mobile phones that only got an upgrade but now it seems that most things we use in our daily lives eventually require one, even our skincare! Just when you thought the Super Restorative Skincare range from Clarins, was already pretty ‘Super’. Thanks to continuous research and the amazing skincare experts at Clarins our Super Restorative skincare range has just been supercharged.

The Super Restorative skincare range from Clarins is now available at Frontlinestyle Bath & Wells and offers a complete skincare routine for those of us experiencing hormonal changes as a result of the menopause. During the menopause the production of oestrogen is significantly impacted, reducing the production process of vital skin cells such as Fibroblasts, causing imbalances in our skin and challenging our skins ability to protects itself during the day and to recharge itself at night, resulting in the acceleration of the skins ageing process.

Extensive lab research using mechanobilogy, studying the biological cause of skin slackening by comparing the skin cells in young women to those of  menopausal women, our Clarins experts have been able to explore those key ingredients that can strengthen our fibroblasts. What are fibroblasts and why are they so important to our skin? Fibroblast have a crucial role in preventing the formation of the signs of skin ageing due to the production of structural substances such as collagen and elastin fibres, both of which provide firmness and elasticity to the skin.

As a result of extensive research, Harungana Extract has been proven to be effective against the 5 keys signs of ageing, with its intensive replenishing and anti ageing benefits, its results equal that of retinol and when combined with Organic Gorse Extract help to greatly improve against skin slackening as a result of the menopause.

Super Restorative Skin benefits:


Illuminates & smooths, restores skin density levels, reduces the appearances of deep wrinkles, lifts & combats sagging, nourishes & hydrates and prevents the appearance of dark spots.

Super Restorative Day Creams 

Our day cream range will help to strengthen and protect the skin thanks to squalene extract.  Skin will feel more supple and comfortable, regaining its radiance and softness. Clarins Super Restorative day creams are available as Super Restorative Day Cream All Skin Types, Super Restorative SPF 15 and Super Restorative Day Cream Very Dry Skin.

£77.00 50ml*


Super Restorative Night Creams

Containing Organic Service Tree Bud Extract, skins radiance is enhanced whilst being replenished, lifted and wrinkles reduced. Clarins Super Restorative night creams are available as Super Restorative Night All Skin Types or Super Restorative Very Dry Skin.

£81.00 50ml*

Super Restorative July Offer – During the month of July spend £100 or more on Clarins skincare, one of which should be a product from the Super Restorative Skincare range and you will receive a fabulous day or night gift, worth up to £38. (T’s & C’s apply)

The Clarins Super Restorative collection is available at Frontlinestyle Hair and Beauty Salons. For further information please call into the shop or call us on Tel: 01749 672225.

*Prices correct at the time of publication.