NEW Clarins 4-Colours Pen

The new innovative take on the classic multi-colour ballpoint pen many of us had in our school days is now here. CLARINS have introduced the NEW 4-Colour Pen, a makeup essential which is perfect for those who travel light!

This easy to use makeup pen features three retractable eyeliners enriched with essence of Sunflower, Jojoba and Black Acacia waxes for an easy glide application and luxuriously deep moisturising. As well as the choice of three eyeliners this remarkable invention also has a retractable lip liner pen for emphasising lips and providing a base for lipstick and lip gloss.

Available in two NEW colour ‘harmonies,’ the CLARINS 4-Colour Pen offers a Deep Black, a Blue Marine and a Forest Green eyeliner with an additional dusky Rosewood lip liner – the perfect combination for dramatic eyes and sweet, understated lips. Alternatively the second colour harmony is a Deep Black, a Platinum Grey and an Essential Brown eyeliner with a CLARINS Red lip liner for that seductive combination of subtle eyes and ‘come hither’ lips.

Top Tip: Use the black, grey, brown, green and blue eyeliner to shape and define the eye contour and the beige or red lip liner to accentuate beautiful lips and even draw on freckles!

Available at Frontlinestyle at £28.

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