The Manta Mantra

The Revolutionary NEW Hairbrush

Now available at Frontlinestyle, the Manta hairbrush is the holy grail of haircare hand tools, designed to care for your hair in ways you didn’t even realise were possible.

Smoothing the cuticle of the hair and working with it instead of against it which leads to snapping, tearing and breaking, the Manta actually conforms and moulds to the shape of your head and hand, creating a tool which designs itself specifically for you – intelligently and effortlessly. Massaging the scalp to promote healthy hair growth, the Manta gently separates and de-tangles the hair with no snagging or splitting of the hair strands.


Whatever hair type you have, whether it is fine and flyaway, prone to breakage and thinning, or thick and often unmanageable with frizz and tangles, the Manta gently and effectively addresses your unique hair to give you glossy luxurious locks, easily. Heat resistant up to 80°C and ant-static, the Manta also incorporates patented Flexguard™ engineering ensuring each individual soft and flexible bristle completes a 360° motion to free knots and give you sleek and smooth lengths, even when hair is wet.

For further information on the Manta, please drop into our salons or call us on Tel: 01749 672225 (Wells Salon) or 01225 478478 (Bath Salon)